Featured project

Telehealth web application

Mirror Care is a first-of-its-kind healthcare technology platform that enables individuals, under the direct and live guidance of a physician, to self-administer their own treatments.

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Featured project

Oobeo valet management product

The solution is scalable for any sized valet business, but is also full-featured. Oobeo is well on the way to dominating the valet parking industry.

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Great clients. Amazing projects.

RocketBuild has had the great fortune to work with amazing brands, agencies, and startups over the years. We have worked with amazing nonprofits such as Kiwanis International, Purdue University, and Conexus Indiana. We have helped launch digital product startups such as Oobeo, Safe Visitor, and Vibenomics. We are truly fortunate to be doing what we love with great clients, partners, and friends!

School administration software

School administration software

RocketBuild partnered with Paramount Schools of Excellence to help digitize their staff evaluation processes.

Mirror Care Session

Telehealth web application

RocketBuild partnered with Mirror Care to create the world's first telehealth video app for in-home, doctor-guided neurotox treatments.

Furniture company website, RocketBuild

Website for furniture manufacturing company

We designed and developed a custom responsive website for the furniture manufacturing company, Jasper Group.

Internal communication app, RocketBuild

Internal communication app for flight deck crews

RocketBuild partnered with Teamsters Local Union 357 to create an internal communication tool that supports the careers of flight deck crew members.

Utilities and energy mobile app, RocketBuild

Utilities and energy mobile app

We designed and engineered a mobile app with highly relevant information and personalized reporting dashboards for utility managers.

Catalog management software, RocketBuild

Catalog management software for audio systems

RocketBuild partnered with Tymphany to build a catalog management software solution for managing audio speaker data.

Higher education website, RocketBuild

Higher education website for better marketing results

RocketBuild partnered with Franklin College to implement new site designs and integrate with existing databases.

Real estate company website, RocketBuild

Real estate company website

We custom designed and developed a new real estate company website for the commercial real estate firm, Birge & Held.

Food products database, RocketBuild

Bread and bakery products database

RocketBuild partnered with Aunt Millie's to design, build, and provide support for their food products database.

Higher education web development, RocketBuild

National liberal arts college web development

RocketBuild partnered with Earlham College to design and develop their higher education website that supports their community and organizational goals.

Auto Sales Direct, car sales application by RocketBuild

Car sales application

RocketBuild devised, designed, and developed a fully customized mobile-responsive car sales application to list and manage used car inventory.

Interior design mobile application, Sample Snap

Interior design mobile app

We custom built a hybrid mobile application to help save interior designers time while allowing manufacturers' samples to be more readily available.

LTAP Mobile App Development by RocketBuild

A mobile app for road crews

RocketBuild contracted with the Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program (Purdue LTAP) to design, develop and launch a training video mobile application for their members.

Oobeo web app by RocketBuild

Valet management product

RocketBuild aided the Oobeo tech startup by building mobile and web applications that ease the valet experience.

USA Football website by RocketBuild

Tech-enabled safety on demand

RocketBuild provided contract developers to assist USA Football in updating and upgrading the technology powering their coaches' site.

Kiwanis International Katalyst App by RocketBuild

Volunteer organizing platform

We help Kiwanis launch a new initiative and software platform to engage young adults in volunteering and organizing.

Kiwanis app by RocketBuild

International nonprofit website redesign

We help Kiwanis launch a new initiative and software platform to engage young adults in volunteering and organizing.

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