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RocketBuild eBook: Building an MVP App

Learn how to navigate the common challenges that entrepreneurs face when building an MVP app.

Inside the eBook you will find tips and tricks straight from a SaaS founder and software design/development strategist. Our three easy-to-understand steps will help you in building an MVP app, planning for your fundraising, and launching your new business idea.

Getting a software product or app past the idea stage is really hard. If you’re a first-time founder, get your copy of the Building an MVP App Quick Start Guide, and learn how to make your idea tangible, develop your product, build your founding team, and attract funding. The three steps detailed in this ebook can help you get to your seed funding round.

Topics covered


What is a minimum viable product (MVP)?


Why and how to create a clickable prototype


What investors want to see before they invest


The 3 spends for early-stage tech companies


How to organize your founding team


A simple year one budgeting example

RocketBuild eBook: Building an MVP App

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