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RocketBuild is Indiana’s premier outsourced web and app developer.

We partner with creatives, marketers, established brands, and entrepreneurs to develop apps, websites, products, and more.

What we do

Software development is our pride and our passion. We work with some of the most storied creative teams in the Midwest to design and build best-in-class websites and digital experiences. We partner with industry-disrupting entrepreneurs to build innovative technology solutions. We serve world-renowned brands to augment creative and technology teams with our app development expertise.

Who we are

RocketBuild focuses our hiring on creative, well-rounded, personable team members. That’s why we have the best team in Indy! Our team-first mentality allows us to attract top talent. We emphasize continually growing our skills to better serve our clients. Our solutions-oriented team members are innovative and schooled in best practice. All of this adds up to a positive experience for both staff and clients.

Our values


We see the opportunity presented in each challenge. We are open and honest about risks so that we can overcome them. We are willing to go beyond what is expected in order to deliver greatness.


We work as a team because doing so delivers better results. We learn and grow as a team because that is how we will excel. We succeed as a team because we believe in one another.


We believe in doing great work for good people and companies.We seek to use our time and talent to benefit the social good while building healthy company and community cultures.

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Our team

Our story

2014 – 2015

Development partners for creative minds

RocketBuild was founded late in 2014 as a top-notch on-shore, outsourced developer. Our core drive was to create a company that could augment the great creative work of local agencies with tried and true agile development principles. Our founders brought with them years of development experience from creative agencies as well as methods and expertise learned at Fortune 500 companies.

They also brought relationships with exceptional agencies such as Pathfinders Advertising, Borshoff and xiik, all of which contributed to our initial successes.


Building better together

As RocketBuild matured we added great talent to our team, refined our processes, and began to lean in to our strengths. In 2016 we began partnering with The Iron Yard, a code academy that was graduating stellar developers moving into their new careers. This partnership allowed us to increase our coding muscle and further define our core purpose—to be a safe haven for developers, where they could do meaningful work in a way that helped create the best development outcomes.

Between the last quarter of of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016, RocketBuild doubled in size. We added a go-to-market team during these crucial months, which began our journey toward product work, partnerships with entrepreneurs, and a marked increase in mobile application development.


Code you can trust

2017 was a year of transition and significant growth for RocketBuild. We were at once sad and proud to see two of our founders exit to start another successful endeavor. This transition allowed us to form a new leadership team with different ideas and the same commitment to quality code and remaining developer-centered.

Our third full year saw us nearly double our production, due in part to a strong focus on building SaaS and other digital products for funded startups and other entrepreneurial endeavors. We doubled-down on our application development practice while maintaining a healthy flow of great creative website work through our agency partners. Our focus on secure, scalable, and extensible code paired with agile development became our chief selling point.


Development partners for innovative brands

In 2018, the addition of more new blood led us to reevaluate how we go to market. Our previous focus on small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs led us to some amazing work and countless valuable partnerships. What we lacked were marquee clients with known brand names to call our own. We had some large clients in our portfolio in the form of Simon Group, Stryker, and Kiwanis International, but these had come through the efforts of our great agency partners.

In 2018 we began promoting ourselves directly to global players, touting our proven development expertise. It worked, and we can proudly claim to have done meaningful work for the likes of Purdue University, Jasper Furniture, Franklin College, and Tymphany, among others.


Reach new heights with your technology

Throughout 2019, we stayed the course with our dedicated focus on enterprise innovation and building startup technologies. We were honored to be awarded with our first state government contract for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, and we built business critical software for the likes of Kinetrex Energy, Hydro-Gear, and Recruit Rooster.

2020 became a banner year when our client, Recruit Rooster, acquired RocketBuild in April. Being a part of Recruit Rooster and the larger family of brands under DirectEmployers Association offers us the opportunity to scale while providing even better web and app development services.

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When you partner with us you gain full stack capabilities without the expense of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team, all while maintaining the accountability of an on-shore team of professionals.

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