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Meet the RocketBuild team: Heather Hoffman

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Meet Heather Hoffman, Chief Operations Officer. Heather is also COO of our parent company Recruit Rooster, a nationally renowned recruitment marketing agency focused on employer branding, creative, websites, and SaaS technology. As COO, Heather helps chart our vision, helps all things run smoothly, and serves as the key link to our larger family of brands at DirectEmployers Association. Heather is quick and decisive making critical business decisions (maybe her background as a competitive race car driver has something to do with that!)

Heather Hoffman, RocketBuildQ & A with Heather Hoffman

Q: What is your role at RocketBuild, and what does it entail?
A: I’m the COO of RocketBuild, which allows me the opportunity to work with just about everyone on the team from a high-level perspective. I have the privilege of seeing all these great clients work with our team and the results our talented staff delivers.

Q: What three words might people use to describe you?
A: Competitive, organized, Creative

Q: What got you into your career?
A: Here’s the Cliffs Notes version; I entered the corporate world focusing on sales and management in the talent acquisition industry. A few years into my corporate journey, I met Bill Warren, a legend for all things online recruiting — known as “The Father of Online Recruitment.” I then made the transition into the technology side of talent acquisition.

So you might be asking how RocketBuild applies to this equation… After DirectEmployers and Recruit Rooster experienced many years of success, we acquired RocketBuild after a short development partnership. Yep, we started as a RocketBuild customer! We were blown away by the staff and their capabilities and quickly knew we wanted to incorporate their strengths as an extension of the DirectEmployers family of brands. RocketBuild now assists DirectEmployers and Recruit Rooster with development, in addition to servicing their customer base.

Q: Describe your educational experience?
A: Boiler Up!

Q: Describe your professional experience?
A: Driven…

Q: What is your current favorite coding language or framework?
A: Anything that has to do with processes is a language I understand and enjoy working with! Our talented group can handle just about any coding language. And, they even speak process language too, which I love.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project or client to work with?
A: I love creative projects with fun design elements.

Q: What are you super passionate about?
A: I’m very passionate about my family and try my best to be as supportive as I can with their passions too. My family’s passions are also my passions, which take me a little all over the place, from racing to antiques to church to traveling to arts and crafts. My family drives me to want to excel in everything I do. One of the places I dedicate most of my time outside of the family is my career, which I am also extremely passionate about.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: We’re a big camping family, and we love to travel. We’ve settled in the Midwest, which sets us up for relatively easy travels to the east coast, which is one of our favorite places to visit.

Q: If you had to stay up all night for a hackathon, what drinks and snacks would you need to keep you going?
A: If you had asked me this question 20 years ago, I would’ve said Red Bull with a splash of vodka…ha! These days, I’d stick to Mountain Dew. And, if I had to stay up long enough, I would probably add a splash of vodka, plus chips and dip to go along with!

Q: Favorite local lunch spot?
A: Honestly, just about every restaurant in Fountain Square is fabulous, especially when you can dine outside.

Q: Favorite band or artist?
A: Anything 80s…

Q: Favorite place you’ve ever visited?
A: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Q: A fun fact about yourself:
A: I raced legends in the 90s and beat a famous racer, Ed Carpenter. Also, I used to fly airplanes in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Q: A random fun fact:

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