RocketBuild became a supporting member of the TechPoint community in 2021. Recently, the TechPoint team wrote an article featuring a product that we’re building alongside our parent organization, Recruit Rooster. Check it out here: Recruit Rooster and RocketBuild combine forces to run the talent coop.

We were acquired by Recruit Rooster in April 2020. Prior to that and since, we’ve been partnering with them to build recruitment marketing tools that help employers to find and engage candidates.

Our largest product to date that we’ve helped the Recruit Rooster team to architect, design, and engineer is their Talent Community. It’s a candidate engagement platform that help companies to increase applicants while decreasing their cost to hire. The product not only rivals what’s available in the market, it comes with several unique features like a library of resources to assist in navigating complex regulations. During the strategy phase and ongoing iteration phases, the product has been informed by Recruit Rooster’s clients and the association members of our nonprofit parent organization, DirectEmployer’s Association. The resulting product solves many challenges HR teams are experiencing with their current technology.

Building better together

Since being acquired, working alongside the teams at Recruit Rooster and DirectEmployer’s Association while building products like Talent Community has been a rewarding experience — providing the opportunity for our team to learn and grow in several key areas:

HR industry specialization

It would be fair to say that we are now specialists in crafting custom HR tech. As part of the process of developing a solution like Talent Community, we’ve learned more about recruitment, compliance, and accessibility than we would have ever anticipated. The depth and breadth of knowledge about all things HR is so expansive across our larger organization that we’re soaking it up daily through osmosis.

Building for machine learning

We’re implementing machine learning sooner rather than later while building out Talent Community. Throughout the process, our team has been getting up to speed on what it takes to prepare products for machine learning at the outset, so that we can help more of our clients leverage machine learning to achieve their business goals. And as our internal products grow, we’ll have even more first-hand experience with stabilizing and scaling ML models as well as data collection and processing to produce the most useful outputs.

Product ownership

As an outsourced custom software development company, we spend the majority of our time building software and apps for our clients. Now as part of the Recruit Rooster team, we’re gaining the experience of being an internal development department. Our effort and contribution to Talent Community directly impacts our own bottom line and that of Recruit Rooster’s. We’re effectively making decision like true product owners and managers.

All of these insights and experiences compound to make us an even stronger and better team for all of our clients and partners.

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