An extensive product database for the global leader in audio manufacturing

Tymphany HK Limited is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of audio output devices including headphones, acoustic modules, and drivers. Tymphany has a database of thousands of manufactured parts, each with hundreds of data points related to performance and physical specifications.



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Web application

A catalog of over 5,000 products

For years, Tymphany had been relying on an outdated system to manage its product data. They selected RocketBuild to create and build a new database to facilitate the process of storing and organizing the extensive product offerings into a single accessible and easy to use database.


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Database architecture and planning

Tymphany already had a functional database and user interface with which to manage the data, enter new data, and connect to the customer-facing website to deliver product data. The issue was that the old web application caused problems when it needed to be updated, modified, and supported. As part of the process, RocketBuild dissected how the original application was built, and how the data was being stored and accessed, in order to make the migration to the new application as smooth and seamless as possible.

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Search and filter

With such a categorized index, both the company and their customers can search, filter, and compare items with ease.

Catalog management software, RocketBuild

PHP and Laravel

The solution is a custom web application built in PHP, Laravel, and a number of open source libraries. The Bootstrap framework was used for the interface, creating a clean and simple UI that doesn’t look cluttered, despite the vast amounts of product data on each screen.

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