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Kinetrex Energy, the #1 supplier of liquefied natural gas in the Midwest, knew that documentation and reporting are critical to their own business and that of their customers. In order to provide key insights faster and with greater accuracy, they decided to build a mobile app that puts real time information into the palm of their customers’ hands.



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Kinetrex Energy


Utilities and energy mobile app


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Dedicated mobile app for utility managers

With a mission to revolutionize the delivery of energy, they needed technology to match their bold ambitions, and selected RocketBuild to design and engineer their first customer-facing mobile application.

To help increase productivity and reduce hours of time spent on paperwork and spreadsheets, the app needed to provide utility managers with an immediate view of daily and monthly fuel usage, tank levels, status of deliveries with real-time tracking and push notifications, and live video feeds of their LNG system.


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Product design

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Streamlining operations, monitoring infrastructure, and tracking inventory

RocketBuild started with technical consulting, prototyping, and product design to ensure an intuitive and data-rich experience for Kinetrex’s busy customers.

Built using React Native with a Python/Django backend, the app allows managers who spend their time at the job site and on-the-go to take advantage of LNG systems and logistics data. The dashboards deliver simplified, instant access to critical fuel information in intuitive views that help managers monitor and operate their facilities.

Tech stack

React Native



We partnered with RocketBuild to develop our customer-facing mobile app. From the conception phase, to UI design, to full development and deployment; RocketBuild was an excellent partner.

Tina TurroDirector of Human Resources & Governmental Affairs, Kinetrex Energy

Technical consulting

The planning and technical architecture encompassed the customer-focused mobile app, an administrative web portal, and multiple APIs and data queries.

Utilities and energy mobile app, RocketBuild
Utilities and energy mobile app, RocketBuild

Product design

The application was designed for utility managers to quickly and easily obtain and digest simple charts and diagrams that display business critical data. The display of information helps plant operators to make timely decisions in the field.

Data-rich experience

Not only do the dashboards empower the industrial workforce by providing unprecedented levels of information, the application also includes live video feeds of LNG systems.

Utilities and energy mobile app, RocketBuild

RocketBuild was a great resource for us to work with. We highly recommend their team.

Tina TurroDirector of Human Resources & Governmental Affairs, Kinetrex Energy

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