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Digitizing staff evaluation processes

Paramount Schools of Excellence has several K-8 schools in Indianapolis. They’re committed to empowering all students to learn in an innovative, exciting, inclusive, and community-driven environment. They already had a unique system to help them measure and track employee performance — utilizing online spreadsheets and manual processes. They sought to create a custom software solution to help operationalize and automate those lengthy processes.

Paramount partnered with RocketBuild to strategize, design, and develop a web application that would meet all of their evaluation needs while saving evaluator time and gathering more effective, actionable information.



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Customizable evaluations

The product, built with Python Django, is called ActivEval. At the core of the app is its’ ability to create workflows and evaluation forms. Forms can be built for any department, role, or function within an organization.

The forms are easy to create and easy to complete. By digitizing their internal processes, Paramount can now complete organization-wide evaluations in an efficient manner — something that previously could take months to complete.


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Spreadsheets turned into customizable evaluations

Unlimited form customization options

Creating software that aligns with mission-critical organization goals

ActivEval not only helps Paramount to run performance evalutions, it helps them collect pertinent data and information to form goals and development plans for individuals, departments, and locations. In addition, the dashboard and reporting features will allow their operations team to see trends — including how everything is advancing in the long term year-over-year.

With the ability to allow self-evaluations, 360-degree reviews, collect ongoing feedback, and custom reporting, the application is well suited to help them stay on track for their overall organization goals.

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Amazon Web Services

Product planning and design

RocketBuild and the Paramount team spent hours reviewing their current processes, data, and unique scoring and weighting systems. All of that review and research was critical to informing the data models and architecture of the software. Wireframes and a clickable prototype along with detailed documentation were created to ensure that all user types and interactions were being thoughtfully considered before moving into the development phase.

Web app development

To ensure a secure and scalable solution, the RocketBuild engineering team selected to build the web application using Python Django with React components on the fronted. While the software is initially geared towards Paramount’s unique needs and the education sector, it’s built in a way to be flexible enough that in the future ActivEval could become a SaaS product for a variety of industries.

Easy workflows and a simple evaluation builder

ActivEval contains varying levels of permissions for a myriad of roles within an organization. Administrators can easily create, customize, and manage their forms and evaluation workflows within the app.

Staff evaluation software
Staff evaluation application


Beyond the ability to create custom assessments and evaluations for all staff, the software helps with year-over-year record keeping and custom reporting. The new technology supports all of their current needs and is built to be able to serve other educational institutions and industries down the road.

Tracking data over time across departments, functions, and locations

Once evaluations are in cycle or completed, dashboards help individual users track progress and review results. Organization-wide dashboards are available to oversee everyone and build summary reports for different roles and campuses.

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