Mirror Care

Telehealth enabling patients in self care

Mirror Care is a first-ever telehealth video app that enables patients to self-administer neurotox at home under the care and guidance of a healthcare professional. Every session performed on Mirror Care is with an expert, licensed provider that will tailor the treatment to a patient’s needs. The application was custom designed and developed to make the in-home treatment process easy, fast, safe, and personalized.



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Mirror Care


Telehealth video app


Progressive web application and website

A full-service product development approach

Working with Mirror Care’s founders and primary stakeholders from Kovak Cosmetic Center in Chicago, RocketBuild assembled a stellar team of brand designers, UI designers, and developers to bring their vision to life. This project allowed RocketBuild to engage our entire team and all of our processes from start to finish. The result is a stellar brand, an out-of-this-world user experience, and a secure and stable web application.

Mirror Care is currently serving customers in Illinois, with plans to expand across the country in the coming months.


Brand design

Product planning

Product design

Application development

Website design

Project Stats


Weeks to MVP


Custom integrations


Developers engaged

Live video conferencing and treatment for remote patients and doctors

RocketBuild designed the Mirror Care web application to leverage Twilio’s video services to allow for virtual, face-to-face consultations and treatment sessions. The user interface centers on a real-time, doctor to patient video feed, with all of the important treatment information on the same screen. This enables easy reference to all of the most salient information without screen swapping away from the video feed. All of this adds up to a human-centered experience for the doctor and patient.

Importantly, the Mirror Care application is also HIPAA compliant, which means that doctors and patients can feel safe and secure while using it.

Tech stack




Amazon Web Services

Twilio / Sendgrid

We selected RocketBuild to build our custom application on an aggressive timeline. We knew we had to get our product to market and fast. RocketBuild worked with us from the initial idea and visual design to execution and support.

Michael HawrylukCTO, Mirror Care

Brand identity design and guidelines

When the Mirror Care team came to us with their project idea, they had already decided on a fantastic name. We knew that such a great company name needed the kind of brand fit and polish that our friend at Ronlewhorn Industries could provide. Our teams collaborated to come up with a sleek, clean, yet sophisticated brand design.

Mirror Care logo

Product planning

Creating a new business based on new technology and a new way of interacting with patients is a huge undertaking! RocketBuild and Mirror Care spent hours upon hours iterating on user flows before even considering what the product UI would be like. From these user flows, we were able to create technical architecture plans, wireframes, and a product roadmap.

The software

Based on the feature requirements and internal technology criteria, RocketBuild landed on building the Mirror Care web application with Python/Django and a PostreSQL database, all hosted at a HIPAA compliant AWS server. The result is a stable, secure, and infinitely scalable piece of software. After just 14 weeks of planning and development, Mirror Care went live in November of 2020.

Live video consults and treatments

Mirror Care’s telehealth app UI leverages industry-leading video technology from Twilio. This provides patients and doctors with a stable, HIPAA compliant video interface. Additionally, the treatment and consultation screen houses all of the salient information needed for an appointment.

Mirror Care scheduling screen

Versatile and convenient scheduling

Choosing an appointment time has never been easier! Mirror Care allows patients to find the doctor they want and view their availability in order to schedule a consultation and treatment. The app was designed to allow doctors to easily set their availability and patients to choose what is convenient for them.

Ease of use for providers

As a telehealth application built with modern sensibilities, Mirror Care is designed to be as easy for doctors as it is for patients. Doctors have complete control over their calendars, billing, profiles, and other necessary tools.

Mirror Care Doctor Dashboard

SaaS marketing website

One cannot launch a new software without a platform from which to market. RocketBuild designed a WordPress website to act as the marketing hub for the new Mirror Care telehealth application. The website features an easy-to-manage CMS for the lean Mirror Care team to update and manage.

RocketBuild guided us through a branding exercise and built our marketing site to launch our product on schedule. We continue to work with RocketBuild to build and further improve our offering for our customers.

Michael HawrylukCTO, Mirror Care

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