Aunt Millie's

Optimized and searchable food product data

Aunt Millie’s is a family-owned-and-operated bread company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana that operates bakeries across the Midwest and distributes their products for sale in stores nationwide. They specialize in breads, buns, and rolls perfect for sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers.

RocketBuild developed an application to easily search, sort, and filter their food products database with a CMS for administrators to manage the products that display on the site.



Foodservice production and distribution


Aunt Millie’s


Food products database


Web application

A simple product data platform

Working with Aunt Millie’s team, RocketBuild set to work on engineering and optimizing a secure database that displays all pertinent product information. Products are easily searchable by brand, type, variety, nutritional data, and availability.


Application development

Project Stats




Easily searchable database


Product label datapoints

Responsive for mobile and desktop

The food products database provides an infrastructure where all information can be updated, stored, and tracked by the Aunt Millie’s team. On the frontend, all information can be efficiently accessed through an attractive interface that fits with the overall design of their main website.

Tech stack




Simple navigation with quick, easy search and filter functionality

Searching and finding products is easy with a myriad of options to drill down into product data based on key information that users are looking for.

Food products database, RocketBuild

All product label information including ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts

All product data is quickly accessible. Users can toggle between ingredients lists and nutrition facts.

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