School administration software

School administration software

RocketBuild partnered with Paramount Schools of Excellence to help digitize their staff evaluation processes.

Mirror Care Session

Telehealth web application

RocketBuild partnered with Mirror Care to create the world's first telehealth video app for in-home, doctor-guided neurotox treatments.

Furniture company website, RocketBuild

Website for furniture manufacturing company

We designed and developed a custom responsive website for the furniture manufacturing company, Jasper Group.

Internal communication app, RocketBuild

Internal communication app for flight deck crews

RocketBuild partnered with Teamsters Local Union 357 to create an internal communication tool that supports the careers of flight deck crew members.

Utilities and energy mobile app, RocketBuild

Utilities and energy mobile app

We designed and engineered a mobile app with highly relevant information and personalized reporting dashboards for utility managers.

Food products database, RocketBuild

Bread and bakery products database

RocketBuild partnered with Aunt Millie's to design, build, and provide support for their food products database.