What is telehealth?

The telehealth industry has arrived, partly propelled by the global pandemic. As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), “telehealth is the use of telecommunications technologies to deliver health-related services and information that support patient care, administrative activities, and health education.

Telehealth is two-way, interactive, remote communication between a patient and a provider. Typically, telehealth is conducted through live video. It may sound like simple videoconferencing, but many telehealth startup applications are much more complex than that — allowing doctors to document, diagnose, and prescribe treatments within the same interface.

The benefits and impacts of telehealth startups are numerous. Telehealth applications provide the opportunity to connect with patients in their own home. This limits many barriers and issues with accessing providers and their facilities. The new technology minimizes travel time, wait times, and costs. In addition, telehealth startups provide patients with easy and flexible scheduling, and the privacy and comfort of not having to leave the house. All of these factors can increase patient satisfaction and the consistency of care.

Telehealth startup application design and development

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