What is product data management software?

Catalog management software is crucial for the e-commerce industry — especially when companies are managing the product data of 1,000s of products with detailed specifications and have a remote and/or global workforce. It’s a tool for organizing product data, and it automates the process of creating and updating content.

A centralized product database helps these businesses with intuitive organization, including the ability to easily search and filter, as well as the consistency and reliability of product data.

The importance of a quality product data application is three-fold.

  1. Buyers need an intuitive interface that displays and showcases information where it’s easy to search, sort, and compare products.
  2. Sales and services professionals need the tool to help organize, maintain, and export product data for client relationships.
  3. Administrators need centralized product data to improve management efficiencies and to easily deploy product content to multiple platforms.

Catalog management software design and development

Download the success story to see how RocketBuild designed and developed a catalog management system for global audio parts manufacturer, Tymphany.

Get the success story here.

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