How Auto Sales and Service Found Software Development Partner Success with RocketBuild

More enterprises than ever are focused on saving time, resources, and money through the innovative use of technology to better compete within their industry. In order to do so, organizations are seeking entrepreneurial ideas within their ranks. Once a valid, business critical idea is unearthed, then many companies search for the right design and programming partner to create their solution.

Auto Sales and Service selected the team at RocketBuild to launch their direct to consumer car sales application. Auto Sales and Service is a wholesale used car dealer that offers their inventory to dealerships, as well as direct to the customer.

RocketBuild architected, designed, and coded a progressive web application to solve their needs. They needed a new tool that could save their sales team time while moving potential buyers further along the journey.

By partnering with RocketBuild to devise a new technology solution, Auto Sales and Service was able to overcome some of their organizational challenges, including:

  • Inefficient sales processes
  • Overburdened sales team members
  • Managing vehicle inventory
  • Storing customer preferences

Learn more about the technology solution that RocketBuild delivered for Auto Sales and Service.

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