Levyl selects RocketBuild as their product planning and engineering partner

RocketBuild’s newest partner, Levyl, is combining their experience in delivering SaaS solutions and practicing family law to devise a new product to support the legal industry.

The legal landscape has been burdened by outdated processes and tedious paperwork. Legal tech startups with cloud-based services are being adopted by law firms to help optimize and automate processes like document collection, preparation, storage, and digital signatures.

Levyl’s first technology they’re introducing to the legal market will streamline and improve the process of completing financial disclosures during a legal separation. The product is called Disclosure Pro.

From technical architecture to product delivery, RocketBuild will help Levyl launch their first-of-its-kind application that will allow attorneys to track financial disclosures made by multiple parties.

RocketBuild’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Ward, commented on the new technology, “The market potential and the benefit to all parties involved, including the law firm, courts, and mediators, is huge. This is a product that we’re very excited to build, because of the impact it will make on the legal industry.”

About Levyl

Levyl is focused on delivering state-of-the-art, cloud based, digital LegalTech solutions to the family law sector. The Levyl team is comprised of proven cross functional technology executives who have built, sold, and delivered leading fintech SaaS solutions for more than 20 years along with one of the top practicing family law attorneys in Colorado.

About Disclosure Pro

Disclosure Pro will streamline and automate the financial disclosure process in domestic relations cases — bringing a more connected, transparent and efficient experience to the process.

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