Auto Sales and Service Partners with RocketBuild to Design, Build, and Launch an Auto Sourcing Portal

Indianapolis, IN – February 01, 2019

RocketBuild will be partnering with Auto Sales and Service, a wholesale used car dealer in Indianapolis, to build their first custom web application.

RocketBuild, a software development company that plans, designs, builds, tests, and launches mobile and web applications and websites, was founded to help businesses innovate their company’s processes.

Auto Sales and Service hoped to improve sales-cycle efficiency and accessibility to inventory by their customer base. RocketBuild proposed to program a mobile-friendly web application and marketing website to turn their vision into a reality.

The planning, designing, and architecting of the application will begin in February 2019. The new progressive web app will be used by Auto Sales and Service’s customers to view, save, and purchase auto inventory.

RocketBuild’s President, Jason Ward, commented, “It’s always exciting to work on entrepreneurial ideas that are born within companies, because the need and the outcome are very clear and deliberate. It’s about utilizing technology to save time, resources, and money. This application for Auto Sales and Service will drastically improve efficiencies while increasing sales.”

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