Realty Raise partnered with RocketBuild to launch their new real estate investing app and website

Realty Raise was founded to disrupt the real estate investing space by creating their own technology product. They selected RocketBuild to plan, design, and develop a custom real estate investing app where users can easily browse opportunities and find projects suited to their investment strategy.

In addition to launching their new technology, they needed a website to garner potential users and start marketing their app.

RocketBuild designed and developed an easy and intuitive WordPress website to accompany and support their real estate investing app.

The website showcases the new brand and provides a useful tool for promotion of the app and generating users. The site collects email addresses of potentials users and directs them to create an account within the application. The professional site conveys the main features and functionality of the app, and offers a platform for Realty Raise to start their SEO efforts by adding more details and information along the way as they scale their product.

Learn more about the real estate investing app website that RocketBuild launched for Realty Raise.

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