What the RocketBuild Acquisition Means for Us… and You!

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For five years, we have been providing Indiana (and abroad) with cost-effective, quality app development. We have developed a brand that embodies “code you can trust” and “development partners for innovative brands.” We have worked with some of the most storied creative brands and disruptive startups in Indiana.

None of that will change.

RocketBuild Acquisition Brand Diagram

The RocketBuild acquisition is a huge step forward and upward for us, but it is also an enormous boon for our past, current, and future customers and partners.

Before we talk about the myriad benefits that being part of the DirectEmployers family of brands will provide to our customers, let’s talk a bit about how it has changed our status. First and foremost, RocketBuild remains a standalone brand. We are going to market on our own, but with the network and support of Recruit Rooster and DirectEmployers, our two parent brands. Secondly, it is worth noting that we have maintained nearly the entire team from before the acquisition, and expanded it! We are carrying forward the same talent, but with more support in terms of training, education, and cross-functional collaboration. Finally, the work that we are doing is not changing—we are just offering it to a broader range of customers. You can still count on RocketBuild for custom websites, mobile application development, web application development, and integrations of all sorts.

The RocketBuild acquisition by Recruit Rooster and DirectEmployers makes us better, stronger, and faster!

What can our customers expect?

A Seamless Transition

Our current customers will experience no interruption in service or response due to the RocketBuild acquisition. Our parent company has made it very clear that we are maintaining autonomy in every way that matters to our team and our clients.

Increased Productivity

Entry into the DirectEmployers family has given us the latitude to expand our team and talent. We are making strategic hires to augment our already amazing team with new and diverse experiences. This means a faster start and completion of projects while continuing to provide the same quality that we have been known for.

National Exposure

The reach and network of Recruit Rooster and DirectEmployers gives RocketBuild a bigger stage to stand on, which means greater exposure for our clients and partners as well. We will be outing our work nationally, drawing attention to our great projects and the amazing products of our customers.

What the acquisition means for our team

Above all, our team gets to remain intact, self-directed, and meaningfully supported. We have always attracted great talent with interesting and diverse career experiences. We have always supported our team with empathy, challenging work, competitive compensation, and internal learning opportunities. We have always made our team accessible to our customers, allowing them to grow while also allowing them to feel accountable to our customers.

These things remain true, AND we can begin offering greater growth opportunities over time while expanding our search for diverse talent. Our team will come out of this transition stronger than ever, and with a renewed excitement to serve our customers and partners.

We look forward to continuing our exceptional partnerships and making new ones. We hope anyone interested in working with us in the future will check us out on Clutch and GoodFirms to get a feel for how we work and the work that we can do.

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