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RocketBuild is a technology solutions company that develops stellar web apps, mobile apps, websites, and deals with system integrations of all types. Founded in 2014, the firm operates through two locations in the United States — Indianapolis, IN and Phoenix, AZ. Programming with the cleanest code, providing timely technological insights, and developing remarkable applications are specialized areas of their team. The team has excelled under the able leadership of their President, Jason Ward. The firm was founded with a vision of being a unique, go-to on-shore outsourced development team. The following is a summation of our GoodFirms interview with RocketBuild.

Jason’s firm is working with a drive to assist CTOs, CIOs, and CMOs at medium-sized companies fulfill their technological needs and wants. His firm augments the creativity of businesses with agile development principles. In his role as the President, he gets to help clients and companies by delivering reliable and extensible code solutions. He also lends his expertise in building MVPs for technology start-ups.

To learn more about this technology team, GoodFirms interviewed President, Jason Ward, as part of their interview series. What follows is an extract:

Software Solutions

Inquiring about their business model, Jason shared that theirs is a fully in-house team. All of their projects and corresponding aspects are dealt with by their core team, while they leverage the expertise of a design agency for user experience support, as and when required. The President listed some advantages of being an on-shore outsourcing partner. They facilitate communication by keeping their clients in the loop from sales to delivery. Further questioning about their business model revealed that their developers follow a strict procedure of checking code where they use a repository, which is reviewed by another developer. Once code is approved, it gets merged with the main codebase.

Catherine Gillespie, a Content Strategist, shared her experience collaborating with RocketBuild while handing them out a 5-star rating at GoodFirms: “I have been impressed with the company’s ability to coordinate complex projects and deliver functionality tailored to client needs.”

Jason explained that they create in-depth user stories and high-fidelity prototypes that arm a development team to build MVPs. Such clickable prototypes and well-analyzed product roadmaps lay the foundation for forming the right trajectory for their digital products. Application screen layouts, use cases, and an actionable development plan are provided to their clientele through their MVP starter kits. Under the sound guidance of their President Jason Ward, RocketBuild has climbed the charts of the top software companies in Indianapolis at GoodFirms while riding on their technical proficiency.

Mobile Apps

Learning about the development timeframe for a mobile app, Jason revealed that it takes about 4-6 weeks for the planning and design aspects, whereas it takes anywhere between 10-16 weeks for the actual development. He elucidates that their ability to develop an app is directly based upon the decision making of the client—regarding the various features and their corresponding requirements involved within the project.

Following clear business ethics and a propensity for innovation are reasons that Jason Ward’s RocketBuild is aligned with the path that’s lead them to rank amongst the top software and top app development companies in Indianapolis at GoodFirms.

Jason also commented that the development time for the interface takes about 75%, whereas the database and back-end development take about the remaining 25%. While they build a React Native mobile app, they often power it with a Django/Python back-end on top of a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. Learning about the cost determining factors, Jason said that the feature-set is an evident factor, while integration with existing systems and APIs, access to native device features, responsiveness, and payment options integration are among the key driving factors.

For detailed information, please read Jason Wards’s complete interview at GoodFirms.

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