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Each month, we award someone who has exceptionally demonstrated one of our core values. They’ve done an above-and-beyond job of putting their Team First, demonstrating how they’re Passionate, had a really tough Goal and crushed it, or in some other way made RocketBuild a better company and us a better team.  The recipient gets to proudly display the Rocket Car until the next team member receives the award, then it is passed on to the new recipient.
We do this even though some of us aren’t fans of public accolades, because it’s important to take the time to celebrate the wins, show appreciation for hard work and dedication, and it gives us a reason to pass around the Rocket Car.
Since our core values are so important to who we are and who we want to be, we wanted to share them with the world.  What are your core values?  How do you celebrate them?


1. Passion — We believe in what we do. We have passion for making everything we

touch the best it can be — including our projects and the culture at RocketBuild

itself. Everyone on the RocketBuild team should demonstrate passion for what

they do and approach each task with every ounce of creativity, discipline, and

expertise at their disposal.

2. Sharing — We believe that knowledge is to be shared. We believe in teaching

others — our colleagues, our partners, our community — to better understand

technology and software development. We want to share this knowledge and help

people use it to create a better world.

3. Positivity — Maintain a positive attitude. Focus on “can” and not “can’t.” Product

quality and spirits are lifted when everyone stays focuses on being constructive,

no matter what challenges pop up. Having a positive attitude means you’re

helping create a better place to work. Approach limitations as a creative challenge.

Find solutions, not excuses.

4. Approachability — We believe in making ourselves friendly and approachable to

our partners and colleagues, and not speaking down to those with less

technological acumen. Build open & honest relationships with everyone.

5. Team First — We believe that every member of RocketBuild is responsible for the

company’s success, and that everyone should seek opportunities to help their

colleagues succeed. Put your team before yourself. Be there for your teammates —

have an open and collaborative attitude, and a willingness to tackle problems that

might not be explicitly covered by your job description. Ask “What can I do to help

you?” Serve others.

6. Continuous Improvement — We believe that everything can always be better, and

are committed to finding ways to make what we do better/more efficient/higher

quality/more fun. Always work to improve yourself. Be humble, and value critique.

Make RocketBuild better by recruiting people even more talented than yourself.

7. Humility — We’re a bunch of pretty smart people, but we don’t know everything. Be

humble; remember that others can always contribute something you can’t. Listen.

Seek first to understand, then be understood.

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