Agile for Everybody

WHAT IS AGILE DEVELOPMENT? The Agile Development Methodology stems from the Agile Manifesto, drafted in 2001, which is a set of twelve project management principles that guide development teams toward quick, lean solutions, which are then reviewed and improved over…
Jason Ward
September 26, 2016
MethodsTechnology consulting

Development is All About Stories

Great Software and Web Development Begins with Storytelling. A critical component of developing exceptional applications is translating the needs, desires and activities of the app's users into working code, or features. While this is an obvious observation, it isn't as…
Jason Ward
September 8, 2016

RocketBuild team member of the month

Each month, we award someone who has exceptionally demonstrated one of our core values. They've done an above-and-beyond job of putting their Team First, demonstrating how they're Passionate, had a really tough Goal and crushed it, or in some other…
August 29, 2016

Being an Intern

For many, treating an intern as a team member, let alone a real human being, is a foreign concept. Most interns are tasked with taking out the trash, refilling coffee cups, and walking the boss’ dog. Please don’t get me…
August 12, 2016

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