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Meet the RocketBuilder: Todd Kersey

By May 27, 2020 No Comments

For our most recent installment of our “Meet the RocketBuilder” series, we bring you Todd Kersey, Senior Developer. Todd started with RocketBuild in May of 2020. Todd is a wizard at Python programing, and outside of work, he’s a hobbyist glassblower.

RocketBuild, Todd KerseyQ & A with Todd

Q: What is your role at RocketBuild, and what does it entail?
A: I am a Senior Developer. I build applications for clients and hopefully bring a bit of knowledge to share amongst the team.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Mostly, I hang out with my wife and dog. We enjoy going for walks, watching TV, and they watch me cook.

Q: What is your current favorite coding language or framework?
A: I enjoy working with Python.

Q: What’s your favorite local lunch spot?
A: Workingman’s Friend is always a good choice for lunch.

Q: What are you super passionate about?
A: I am passionate about fixing things. Whether it is doing something mechanical like fixing a car or finding a solution to a bug in code, I enjoy the process of solving a problem that exists.

Q: If you had to stay up all night, what drinks and snacks would you need to keep you going?
A: If I had to stay up all night, I would need a truck load of coffee and some pizza.

Q: What got you into your career?
A: I have always had an interest in computers and would spent time with my father in rooms full of mainframes. In college, I really started to get into programming and became more interested in pursuing it as a career.

Q: What’s your current favorite band or artist?
A: I don’t have a favorite band, but I grew up in the 90s. So, I like a variety of music from classic rock to old school hiphop to heavy metal.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project or client to work with?
A: My favorite type of project are the ones where I have an opportunity to learn something new. Whether it is doing something for the first time or using new tooling to develop a project, any chance to build my skillset is exciting.

Q: Give us a fun fact about yourself:
A: I am a hobbyist glassblower.

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