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Next time you’re in the RocketBuild offices take a look as you’re heading up the stairs.  We’ve added a piece of art which doubles as a the “strengths” section of our resume.

Rocket Fueled

RocketFuel(ed)PC_squareish (2)Each card on the wall has 2 sections “Rocket” and “Fueled”. Both sides of the card are important, and one doesn’t work without the other. You can design a beautiful rocket, but without fuel it’s not going to lift off, let alone make it to the moon. On the other hand you can have as much fuel as you want, but without a rocket to use it, you’re still stuck on the launch pad.

Create Your Rocket



Visitors to our office are encouraged to express their creativity by drawing a rocket for our wall. These rockets symbolize the variety of projects and partnerships RocketBuild has the good fortune to be involved in. No two are the same.  Each one comes with its own set of designs, requirements, challenges, and beauty.

We Add the Fuel


Each time we finish a project the team looks back at the challenges, learnings, and moments of brilliance. These moments are added to the cards as a way to express the fuel it takes to get a project where it needs to be. Maybe we solved a particularly difficult API integration problem, or created new in-app experience, or just wrote a piece of code so clean we had to take a step back and admire it for a minute. Each of those moments were instrumental in helping us chart a course, and we wanted a way to share them with the world. Enter, our Mission Log.



Design Your Rocket

Next time you’re in the area, stop by the RocketBuild office and show off your creative side. Draw a rocket, or even a few, and add them to our Mission Log!

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