Selecting the right app development partner is critical to the success of your startup application or innovative business software.

The only way to make a development relationship work well is to make it a partnership. One of our taglines is “Development Partners for Innovative Brands.” We really do see ourselves first and foremost as technology experts that Partner with organizations, enterprises, and startups to build out-of-this-world tech solutions.

Outsourcing is an oft-debated topic. The kind of outsourcing that involves dropping a pre-conceived roadmap or even a bunch of assets and designs onto a separate individual or team, has become all too common in the web and app development space. This might work well for one-off, short-term, low-cost projects, but it definitively is not the path to build the best solution — one built for scalability, flexibility, and security. That sort of solution requires a strong relationship with an app development partner built on mutual trust and respect.

It is natural for a company to want to find the most economical solution for their outsourced development needs, but that line of thinking from the start belies the notion of building a true partnership and can very likely put a project in jeopardy from the beginning.

Rather than taking on the sole responsibility of mapping, designing, and architecting a software solution, a true app development partner will start by helping you chart the proper course.

Companies of all stripes tend to start major projects with a significant discovery or strategy phase. This is the time when problems are defined, users are consulted, research is uncovered, and a course is charted. It can be common for outsourced developers to be left out of these critical phases.

The right app development partner will be your co-pilot and help you chart the right course. By being a true partner and acting as an extension of your team, an app development partner made up of designers, technical architects, and engineers, will help you generate ideas, formulate plans, dream big, and cast wishes. Then, they’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right technologies and features to launch with your MVP while keeping your future vision in mind.

Great code comes from thoughtful preparation and careful planning, and a quality app development partner does both strategy and implementation.

The right app development partner can add tremendous value, as well as save tons of time and money, by conducting research, having a seat at the table during discovery, and providing key insights added to a project plan. The result is a more accurate budget, tighter timelines, fully vetted solutions, and better outcomes.

Rather than seeking an outsourced developer, your time is better spent looking for a partner that will provide invaluable consultation and direction for your short- and long-term software needs.

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