About RocketBuild

RocketBuild partners with innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives to develop stellar web applications, mobile apps, websites, and system integrations of all types. We hire and train the most experienced, on-shore app developers, user experience (UX) buffs, and technical architects to help our clients solve business challenges and engage their customers.

Our team specializes in programming the cleanest code, providing timely technological insights, and developing amazing applications. Though we are “code agnostic,” we have the deepest expertise in PHP, Python, and cross platform frameworks such as React Native. Frankly, we just love the opportunity to build great things!


Why Partner with Us?

Building and managing an in-house development team can be expensive and frustrating for all but the largest businesses. Worse yet, trying to find, hire, and manage an overseas outsourced development team can cause unnecessary project delays, cost overruns, communication issues, and stress.

That’s why we’re here! When you partner with us you gain full stack capabilities without the expense of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team, all while maintaining the accountability of an on-shore team of professionals. More than that, we employ the same kinds of development processes (agile development) and code reviews used by Fortune 500 companies, but at a scale that is affordable and flexible.

The experience has been great. They are extremely responsive and get the work done right the first time very efficiently. They helped us redesign our apps and made many good suggestions as to how they could be improved.... Overall we are very pleased and would highly recommend them.

Scott Smith, CTO Kiwanis International

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