RocketBuild partners with innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives to develop stellar web apps, mobile apps, websites, and system integrations of all types. We hire and train the most experienced, on-shore app developers, user experience (UX) buffs, technology consultants, and product managers to help our clients

Our team specializes in programming the cleanest code, providing timely technological insights, and developing amazing applications. Frankly, we just love the opportunity to build great things!


Building and managing an in-house development team can be expensive and frustrating for all but the largest businesses. Worse yet, trying to find, hire, and manage an overseas outsourced development team can cause unnecessary project delays, cost overruns, and stress.

That’s why we’re here! When you partner with us you gain full stack capabilities without the expense of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team, all while maintaining the accountability of an on-shore team of professionals.

The Katalyst app came out great, and the team has done an amazing job of communicating throughout the process!

Nicole Harris, Innovations Team

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