Feel pride for everything you do.

It is not just okay to be proud, it is necessary.

Classical thought tells us that pride is a sin, while contemporary society tells us we should take pride in our work. It’s a bit of a mixed message.

The problem with not taking pride in something is that we place less value on it. The problem with taking too much pride in something is that it becomes wrapped up in our own egos. Nobody wants either.

What we want is the right amount of pride to give us the small rush of pleasure and make us want to put it out into the world and share with others. The takeaway here is to do work that makes you proud, share that work, then be prepared to do it again with the next work. Don’t get stuck on what made you proud… get stuck on wanting to feel pride for everything you do.


In these times of remote work, self-isolation, and seeming disconnectedness, RocketBuild’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Ward, has been sharing his creative thoughts with our team. He makes a valiant effort to inspire the crew daily with his words. His musings, ranging a variety of topics, are intended to promote deeper thought, self-gratitude, and innovative ideas. Semi-regularly we’ll share some of those daily thoughts here.

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