Be scared, but do it anyway.

While my daughter was playing on our swing set, we had a moment of quippy wisdom transmission. It was quite by accident, so I do not take any credit for being overly wise.

My middle child, age 6, was climbing up the ladder of the play set to go down the sliding pole. She does it all the time, and every time she takes a brief pause to consider whether or not she can reach the pole from the ladder without falling. I was standing about 10 feet away, but I noticed her pause, and I stopped to watch her (you know, just in case).

She saw me turn and watch her, which prompted her to get an exaggeratedly worried look on her face. My first response, as the tough parent, was “what’s the problem?”

She gave me her best sad eyes and said, “I’m scared.”

My immediate response, without thinking about it at all, was, “be scared, but do it anyway.”

So that is my deep thought for the day. In these trying times we are going to be confronted by our fears, rational and irrational. Actually, that isn’t new… it is just more prevalent now. We are always confronted by our fears. What is going to make us great as individuals, whether you are a salesperson, a developer, a designer, or anything else, is to “be scared, but do it anyway.”

If RocketBuild is going to rise to the next level of greatness, it is going to be because we each do something risky, groundbreaking, and innovative. The thing about risky, groundbreaking, and innovative ideas and actions is that they are scary.

So, be scared, but do it anyway!

In these times of remote work, self-isolation, and seeming disconnectedness, RocketBuild’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Ward, has been sharing his creative thoughts with our team. He makes a valiant effort to inspire the crew daily with his words. His musings, ranging a variety of topics, are intended to promote deeper thought, self-gratitude, and innovative ideas. Semi-regularly we’ll share some of those daily thoughts here.

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