In these times of remote work, self-isolation, and seeming disconnectedness, RocketBuild’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Ward, has been sharing his creative thoughts with our team. He makes a valiant effort to inspire the crew daily with his words. His musings, ranging a variety of topics, are intended to promote deeper thought, self-gratitude, and innovative ideas. Semi-regularly we’ll share some of those daily thoughts here.

Thought of the Day : April 22, 2020

It is easy to ignore or misperceive the complex beauty in the world around us. While I was entertaining my kids outside, I found myself staring dumbly at a tree I was standing next to. Up to that point my mind had been racing with thoughts of work and some deadlines that were rapidly approaching. But once I realized I was staring at that tree, I really began to focus on what was in front of me.

There was an immense ecosystem just starting to come to life on the bark. Moss was growing, and on the moss there were tiny flowering plants. Gnats were buzzing around the tree bark just above my head. There were droplets of water hanging on the moss. Lichens were growing inside the troughs of the bark. The bark itself was a chaotic grid of undulating browns and grays. In this complexity, I found myself lost. There was a pure 2-3 minutes of thinking about nothing except the beautiful absurdity that this tiny ecosystem even existed.

The takeaway is simple. Find something new in the physical world and discover its beautiful absurdity. Study it intently and forget about the stress and banality of everything, at least for a little bit.

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