Project Description

Technical Assistance, Locally Programmed

LTAP, the Local Technical Assistance Program housed at Purdue University, “helps street departments, highway departments, and local elected officials to better meet the needs of the public by acting as a resource for training, technical assistance and technology transfer.” Essentially, they are the go-to resource for training and support for local organizations improving their transportation systems.

When LTAP decided to take its training programs into the mobile realm, they wanted to work with a local firm that could deliver stellar code and great customer experience. RocketBuild was lucky to be chosen, and we are very proud of what we delivered.

Field Training in the Field

LTAP’s need to get their training content into the hands of workers and supervisors in the field came with a number of challenges. First and foremost, mobile data access is spotty in many areas of the country. Most highway and road work occurs outside of urban areas. This means that streaming video content is virtually impossible when a worker is in a rural area with limited coverage. Secondarily, LTAP wanted to track all training app usage to help supervisors and administrators better understand how much training their workers are doing.



Training Video Delivery App


Purdue, Indiana LTAP


Mobile app design, Agile development, App submission

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Training Videos


Municipal Workers


Custom Taxonomies

The Solution

Training and Accountability Where is Counts

With the LTAP Direct mobile application in the field, road crew workers and their associates can get access to safety and best-practices videos germane to their situations. Because the LTAP Direct mobile app allows users to stream videos or download them, they can view the videos even where connectivity is spotty. When videos are watched, that activity is tracked whether the video was downloaded or streamed, granting visibility into what content is most useful and who is consuming it when. This makes the application a tool not just for workers, but also for content creators and supervisors.


React Native

Python / Django

Urban Airship

Adobe XD


LTAP Mobile App Development by RocketBuild
LTAP Mobile App Development by RocketBuild
LTAP Mobile App Development by RocketBuild
LTAP Mobile App Development by RocketBuild

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