Project Description

Development In Overdrive

Oobeo contracted with RocketBuild in late 2017 to help plan and build a first-of-its-kind SaaS product. The valet industry is largely consolidated by region and industry. The technologies being used by most of the valet companies was dated, and many were still using manual processes. The industry was ready for disruption.

Oobeo was imagined as a product to completely revolutionize how large and small valet businesses manage their client experiences as well as their internal processes. The challenge was that the MVP of the product needed to be in a testable beta state within a few months of contracting with RocketBuild. While the timeline was tight, RocketBuild was up to the challenge of getting a beta version of both a mobile application and a web application up and running in about five months!

Mobility And Parking

Oobeo’s initial MVP needed to accomplish three primary goals. First, they needed it to make the job of parking cars easier and more trackable for valets. Second, they wanted to ensure that customers had a seamless experience between parking, retrieving, and paying for their cars. Lastly, they intended valet company operators to manage their scheduling and clocking in and out through the product, making it a timesaver for employers as well. All this meant that RocketBuild would have the opportunity to build applications to work on the web (for operators), on a tablet (for valet managers), on a phone (for valets), and through SMS (for customers).



Valet Process Management Applications




Product consulting, Agile development, App submission

Project Stats


Custom integrations


Fake cars parked


Months to positive revenue

The Solution

Oobeo Redefines The Valet Experience

Now in the marketplace for about a year, the Oobeo platform has begun taking significant market share and generating positive revenue. The solution is scalable for any sized valet business, but is also full-featured. The development of a platform that allows users at all levels of a company to share information, track processes, and get rid of paper tickets has disrupted the marketplace. Oobeo is well on the way to dominating the valet parking industry.


React Native

Python / Django

Urban Airship

iVision SMS


Oobeo web app by RocketBuild
Oobeo mobile app by RocketBuild
Oobeo mobile app by RocketBuild

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