Project Description

Bringing a Vision to Life

In 2018 we were included on an RFP release to help Franklin College implement the website vision of their new Director of Marketing. We went into the process knowing that we were uniquely suited to the style of engagement that they were seeking; development consulting and implementation. Having built our business on partnering with creative agencies and marketing firms, we knew the ropes when it came to implementing someone else’s vision.

When we were selected for the project we were ecstatic. Few things bring us greater pride than helping nonprofits and education institution deliver better results for their clients. In this case, we were tasked with aiding Franklin College in web development in order to help the right student find the right programs at their institution.

A Sense of Tradition and a Sense for Design

As anyone who has been to Franklin College can tell you, the campus feels at once historic and comfortable. The campus has the charm and distinction of east coast, Ivy League schools. At the same time, it is calm and serene. The blend of red brick, Indiana limestone, and ample green space make it the kind of place that Hollywood would love to film a Midwestern coming of age tale. It is simply beautiful.

The challenge with the website was to design something that mirrored that feeling—traditional and storied—with a modern experience that the students would find easy to navigate and enticing. Franklin’s marketing team was able to accomplish that, and RocketBuild loved the chance to bring it to life.



Private College Website


Franklin College


Agile development, System integration, WordPress development

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Custom WordPress Modules

The Solution

Content, Deep and Wide

The resulting WordPress site developed by RocketBuild has extensive content depth, containing literally hundreds of pages, but at the same time, the navigation manages to be simple and not overwhelming. Users can easily find the information they seek, pages are nested in a thoughtful manner, and nothing is buried too deep. This was accomplished with a series of mega-menus that keep the navigation out of the way.

Furthermore, the content is easy to manage as much of it comes from systems that are already regularly updated (program and staff/faculty information) without the need for manual data entry into the site itself. Other content is given granular control on a page by page basis while standards are locked down. This gives content flexibility within rigid style guidelines.






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