Project Description

A New Tool for Updating, Managing, and Selling Car Inventory

Auto Sales and Service, a pre-owned car dealer in Indianapolis since 1979, wished for a more streamlined process for their customers to acquire wholesale inventory. Their sales team was on their phones constantly answering questions about inventory. They knew there had to be a better way to operate that would save time and facilitate the buying process through the innovative use of technology. They wanted to evolve while maintaining their dedication to quality customer service. The solution was to provide the easiest way to acquire wholesale inventory through a new car sales application.

Custom-Built Car Sales Application

To stay ahead of the competition and improve sales processes, Auto Sales and Service engaged RocketBuild to architect, design, and code their car sales application, Auto Sales Direct. All of their inventory is now on the web with a simple interface for searching, sorting, and filtering hundreds of vehicle listings. Vehicles can be saved for quick reference and buyers can track their purchase history. The progressive web app makes it easy for potential buyers to use the app in the office of on the go.



Auto Sales Direct App for Inventory Management


Auto Sales & Service


Web app development, Agile development, UI design

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The Solution

Web Application Showcasing Vehicle Inventory

Auto Sales Direct is a fully customized mobile-responsive web app that sales members now use to list and manage their complete used car inventory. What would have previously been hours and hours of phone calls is now neatly organized data. is a free and easy to use service offered to customers, and helps transform sales operations into a more manageable process. With their new auto sales application, the Auto Sales and Service team is able to focus more of their efforts on securing quality cars and providing great service.






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