We are a full-stack, full-service application development agency. We partner with creative agencies and businesses to take web, mobile, and software development projects from conception to completion.



Experiences on the go

With the majority of US consumers now owning smartphones, mobile apps are more in demand than ever. We can create connected mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and the cloud-based supporting services behind the scenes that make them work. Whether purely native or a hybrid/cross-platform app, RocketBuild has the expertise to get audiences onto the screen that matters most—the one customers always have with them.

RocketBuild’s team has many years of mobile development experience, having worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative entrepreneurs to get out-of-this-world applications onto all sorts of devices. We have expertise in many of the most common platforms and languages for mobile development, including Java, Swift, Objective C, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, and React Native.


Build better business solutions

Business processes are constantly becoming more and more customized as professionals and organizations continue to diversify and specialize. This has led to an explosion of custom and customized cloud-based software for business. RocketBuild crafts custom web applications that deliver based on the business goals of our partners.

Working with our partners from conception through development, we help create a plan that solves for their needs and produces scalable, secure software solutions. Whether creating a bespoke sales support tool, to refining an existing internal process, our developers have the skills and experience required, along with the vision and dedication to take any cloud-based software project to the stars.


Launch innovative ideas

Every business begins with a great idea. Getting from an initial idea to a place of user adoption and profitability often requires a lot of help. Building a minimum viable product (MVP) is one of the very first pieces of founding a successful technology startup. Having an MVP or more refined prototype of a software product can help founders attract investment, test viability and build a revenue stream.

We work with innovators and their partners to bring web-based products and mobile apps to life, focusing on those that have been funded and have clear strategies for growth. RocketBuild helps our partners and clients from early stage prototyping to product launch and support. We have the development expertise to ensure that the product creates the very best user experience (UX), that it can scale with business needs, that it is secure, and that it is attractive to investors and consumers alike. We also have amazing partner agencies we work with who can help to build a product’s brand, generate designs, and manage products from start to finish.


Push the boundaries of the web

From marketing and brand identity websites to sophisticated white-label SaaS product platforms, RocketBuild has web development covered. From the front (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) to the back (Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Java) we work with a wide variety of modern content management systems (CMS) and libraries used to power the best experiences on the web.

No matter where audiences are, our in-depth knowledge of fluid responsive development will allow our customer’s web presence to reach them. Additionally, RocketBuild has talented technical architects and developers who can consult and guide on creating the best possible user experience for everything from marketing sites to complex e-commerce marketplaces.

We have expertise with many common content management and e-commerce systems including WordPress, SiteFinity, SiteCore, Magento and WooCommerce. We also have strong roots in web development best practices and an agnostic approach to selecting languages and platforms within which to work, allowing us to be flexible and adaptive to a partner’s needs.


Make connections in your digital landscape

Business is being done in the cloud, and nearly every company has a diverse portfolio of software and applications generating, collecting, and distributing data. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those systems worked together?

RocketBuild has deep expertise in developing integrations between popular SaaS products. We have developed connections for SalesForce, Magento, WordPress, MemberClicks, MailChimp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other popular platforms.


Bridge the gaps in technology expertise

Custom and customized websites and apps are becoming more and more common as organizations and jobs become more specialized. Building tailor-made apps and sites is what RocketBuild does best, and we do our best work when we can help our partners define the scope, discover opportunities, research users, generate layouts, and refine designs.

One of the greatest value additions that RocketBuild can provide is access to our collective expertise and knowledge. We have decades of experience in user experience, software development, web development, mobile app development, product strategy, and myriad other topics related to our industry. We love to partner with agencies and organizations to offer our insights during the sales, discovery, planning and design process, well before we write our first lines of code.