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Meet the RocketBuilder: John Justice

By July 22, 2020 No Comments

For our most recent installment of our “Meet the RocketBuilder” series, we bring you John Justice, Senior UI/UX Developer. John started with RocketBuild in July of 2020. He has over 10 years of design experience working in a variety of industries including IoT, SaaS, Machine Learning, and AR.

Q & A with John

Q: What is your role at RocketBuild, and what does it entail?
A: I’m a Sr. UI/UX Developer. I’ll be applying user-centric design principles on mobile and web applications to make kick-ass experiences with some of the smartest people in Indy.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I enjoy playing video games/board games, going on walks with my wife and our two dogs, and building Lego sets with my son and daughter. I also enjoy drawing, painting, and tinkering with game development tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Q: What is your current favorite coding language or framework?
A: View.JS, Quasar Framework

Q: What’s your favorite local lunch spot?
A: Food trucks are great to go to — lots of different and fresh choices.

Q: What are you super passionate about?
A: Movies, food, and tech

Q: If you had to stay up all night, what drinks and snacks would you need to keep you going?
A: Tea, Earl Grey, hot

Q: What got you into your career?
A: Developing websites for car dealerships and educational cartoon programs in high school

Q: What’s your current favorite band or artist?
A: I have a very eclectic collection of music that I tend to have playing on random. But when I really need to concentrate, I listen to film scores composed by John Williams.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project or client to work with?
A: Creative projects that break new ground in some way. Clients who are visionary and know their industry and customers well.

Q: Give us a fun fact about yourself:
A: I am terrible at bowling.

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