We follow a proven process to get to the heart of your needs and navigate to the right solution. Our strategists and architects engage early in the creative process to ensure that technical considerations and opportunities are part of the conversation.

Step one


Think of us as your copilot.

Our preferred method of working is to partner with an organization, brand, agency, or software firm, in which we use our talented developers to produce out of ­this ­world code. We want to provide our expertise as an extension of your own. This helps us stay focused on delivering the best product.

We love to partner early in a project. The sooner you can get us in the cockpit with you, the more value we can add over the course of the trip. We are most successful when we can help our partners build out the proposal, inclusive of research, strategy, user experience design, development, and final launch. We are just as invested in making sure that project scope, timeline, and budget are aligned and set our teams up for success.

Step two



The most important part of a project is often the initial research and discovery. At RocketBuild, we refer to this process as “exploration.”

We love the feeling of setting off on a new adventure, learning about opportunities, and defining innovative ways to push through the unknown. During this phase of a project, goals are set, success metrics are determined, audiences are outlined and, most importantly, strong relationships are forged.

Our team excels at research and discovery, augmenting our agency partners’ own in-­house resources with our technical expertise. We are experts at getting to the heart of user needs, crafting user stories, and turning insights into technical requirements for designers and developers.

Step three



Whether designing a website or enterprise level software, setting and committing to a strategy is critical. RocketBuild can help our partners plot the most effective course to arrive at desired outcomes.

The “navigation” phase of a project is when maps are plotted, courses are set, and blueprints are drawn up. RocketBuild can be a valuable resource for assisting our partners in the production of user flows, wireframes, sitemaps, and even working prototypes, all of which can be crucial in gaining client buy-­in and user feedback early in the project.

Step four



Development is our core competency. It is the power and the passion behind RocketBuild. Everything we do stems from a love of engineering out-of-this-world technology solutions. We have mastered coding practices for websites, mobile applications, web applications, and all manner of databases and APIs. This includes expertise in PHP, Python, Java, Swift, Objective C, Ruby, javascript, C#, CSS, HTML, iOS, Android, MySQL, React Native, and more. Furthermore, all development work is performed in-house; no development is performed by subcontractors or overseas developers.

Our developers work as a cohesive unit, co-coding and reviewing one another’s work regularly. No piece of code is pushed live that hasn’t been seen by at least one other set of experienced eyes. This means we’re checking one another’s work, making sure we’re commenting the code correctly, keeping up with industry standards, and doing work that is elegant, RESTful, and repeatable. We work in 2-week sprints, which means we’ll often have something to show you at 2-week intervals throughout the project.

Step five


Delivery & Iteration

Our work isn’t done until we’ve gotten the solution to its final destination. For us, that means handing the work off to our partners to share with their clients.

We are engineers, developers, and builders, but we know it isn’t enough just to build a better rocket. We need to get it into the hands of our partners so they can complete the mission with their clients. It is our goal to make sure that those handoffs go smoothly, and that what our partners present exceeds expectations.

Of course, the technology world isn’t static, and getting the first version out the door is often just the beginning. We help our partners plan a roadmap to maximize their investment and capitalize on user requests and new technologies.