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Client Tymphany HK Limited

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Tymphany HK Limited is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of audio output devices including headphones, acoustic modules, and drivers. Tymphany has a database of thousands of manufactured parts, each with hundreds of data points related to performance and physical specifications. For years, they had been relying on an outdated but functional application to manage this data. In 2017, Tymphany decided it was time for an upgrade to something easier to use and easier to manage.

Shipping Manifesto

The Tymphany team was spread between California and China, where their primary manufacturing facilities reside. RocketBuild worked with members of teams in both locations.

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The Challenge: Working with What’s There

Tymphany already had a functional database and user interface with which to manage the data, enter new data, and connect to the customer-facing website to deliver product data. The issue was that the old web application was built over the course of years, and by a novice (admirably self-taught!) developer. This caused problems when the application needed to be updated, modified, and supported.

Despite the age of the application, much of the data architecture was was good, and the data itself was still relevant. This added another level of complexity in that RocketBuild needed to dissect how the application was original built, and how the data was stored/accessed, in order to recreate it as closely as possible so that data could be easily migrated after the new application was built.

The Solution: Keep It Simple

RocketBuild was lucky in that our primary project partner at Tymphany had created thorough documentation of the application’s requirements and even some simple wireframes of how data entry screens would work. This allowed RocketBuild to propose, and ultimately create, a complex application using simple, out-of-the-box frameworks and libraries. The project wasn’t starting from scratch, so neither did we! The fact that the Tymphany team had in-house team members who are proficient with programming made many of the decisions come more easily and rapidly throughout the project’s lifespan.

The solution is a custom web application built in PHP, leveraging the popular Laravel 5 and a number of open source libraries. We also used the Bootstrap framework for the user interface, creating a clean and simple UI that doesn’t look cluttered, despite the glut of data on each screen.


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