Technology Consulting for a Medical Devices Manufacturer

Agency Partner Common People United

Client Medical Devices Manufacturer

Work Category Consulting


Digging into the Details

Common People United (CPU) had a client with strict requirements about leveraging Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a Java based CMS, for a new campaign website. The site would be targeted to end users and had specific goals for conversions and reach. CPU needed a partner to help with requirements gathering, project phasing recommendations, generation of user stories, and minimum viable product suggestions. RocketBuild had limited direct AEM experience, but that experience coupled with vast Java knowledge provided a foundation for discovery, partner vetting, and strategic project planning.

Shipping Manifesto

Provided technology and strategic consulting to a client looking for a partner with experience in a specific CMS Platform.

Mission Stats


Brand new CMS


Potential dev parters vetted


Development recs to partner

Researching Solutions

RocketBuild met with CPU to work through user stories and gather high level requirements. We dug into Adobe Experience Manager to amplify our understanding of its capabilities and limitations. Potential development partners were vetted based on experience level, cultural fit, ability to work within the client’s timeline, and the plans they presented. CPU needed to provide their client with transparent, communicative, and collaborative partners who would be able to deliver a finished site that met the needs of the project.

Finding the Right Fit

The discovery engagement deliverables included three proposals. Two of the partners researched provided proposals, which were shared with CPU. In the course of the discovery engagement, it was decided that RocketBuild could confidently provide the development required by the project, so the third proposal was submitted by RocketBuild at the request and approval of CPU and their client.