SafeHiring Mobile App Streamlines Secure Check-Ins

Partner Counterpart

Client Safe Hiring Solutions

Work Category Mobile Application Development


Maintain Security, Respect Schedules

Safe Hiring Solutions provides a visitor management system, built by Counterpart (formerly WDD), integrated with background screening expertise in order to facilitate management of visitor check-in on site.  They were looking for a new way to present their offerings that would create time savings for users in the same way that the Counterpart-built system streamlines the process for administrators.

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Cross platform mobile app, UX design, consulting, system integration

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Make Technology Do The Work

With a stellar administrative portal already in place from Counterpart, RocketBuild leveraged existing business rules and APIs to design and build a simple, easy-to-use cross platform application. Dubbed SafeVisitor, the mobile app accesses a user’s location data and approved locations, cross references it with the geofences at each location, and notifies portal administrators when the user approaches a building. This allows the administrators to approve a visitor with a simple visual scan, even before they enter the facility, saving time and moving visitors through the check-in process quickly and efficiently.

Deliver Excellence

Creating an app that will go into the Apple Store store has its own set of challenges. There are lengthy approval processes and numerous hoops to jump through.  Generally, getting approval means at least a few rounds of revisions and bug fixes. Upon posting the new SafeVisitor app to the App Store, RocktBuild was able to get the app approved with only single modification, shortening a normally arduous and untimely process to only a couple of weeks.