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RocketBuild partnered with Conexus Indiana to pilot technology designed to enhance the draw for veterans to find careers and settle down in Indiana after they serve. The project/program is called INvets, and it represents a first-of-its-kind initiative bringing together state agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and a local technology company to improve the prospects for veterans returning to or considering Indiana after their years of service.

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Army Rangers

A pilot program for airmen (soldiers, sailors, marines…)

When RocketBuild was approached by Conexus to assist with the design and development of a software platform to assist armed services men and women in finding meaningful careers in Indiana, we said “hell yes!” It isn’t often that such an opportunity presents itself, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Working with Cada + Associates, we designed and developed the INvets web application to act as a portal for veterans to discover career paths for which they are uniquely suited, all at well-respected companies throughout the state of Indiana.

The technical solution required the creation of an easily accessible administration component in addition to a registration and exploration portal for interested veterans. The INvets platform is built in Python, using the popular Django framework, providing accessibility for Conexus to manage users, companies, and content. Additionally, it allows users to take a step-by-step process to create a profile, submit their documentation, submit interest in companies, and then explore the platform.

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