A Fresh New App for a Refreshed Brand

Agency Partner Element Three

Client AIM (formerly IACT)

Work Category Mobile Applications, Custom Plugins


Finding the right partner

The Association of Indiana Municipalities (AIM), previously IACT, underwent a rebranding effort with Element Three in late 2016. As part of the rebrand, AIM needed to design and build a new website as well as a new mobile application for its members. The undertaking was going to be large enough that neither AIM nor Element Three had the technology expertise to see it through. Thusly, the decision was made to partner with RocketBuild for mobile app development.

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Cross-platform mobile app, Custom WordPress plugins, UX Consulting

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Flexibility and ease

In order to make the transition to managing a new mobile application easy for AIM, RocketBuild needed to build a content management system. Simultaneous to the new app being built, Element Three was designing and developing a new WordPress site for AIM, affording RocketBuild a clean slate upon which to devise a custom plugin for mobile app management. There are some existing tools out there with which we knew we could successfully integrate to meet the client’s needs. However, for most traditional solutions, that would require the client to learn each of those tools individually and that didn’t seem to be a sustainable solution for AIM. Enter Urban Rocket, the fully custom plugin that we developed that allows the management of all app functionality from the single login point of the WordPress dashboard of the client’s website.

AIM delivers to its members

The new AIM website and mobile application work in unison to deliver up-to-date information about events, legislation, news, and alerts to their members. The streamlined user experience and modern styling make it easy to use while delivering information that is needed when it is needed. Municipal leaders count on the AIM app to help navigate legislative topics and receive content relevant to their constituents.

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